For your stay:

"It's like being at a friends house" 
  • Sleep Cozy

You can’t put a price tag on a good night's sleep, so we didn't go cheap on our bunks and mattresses. Our beds are handcrafted and comfy, with clean linens provided, ensuring your stay refreshes you.

  • Store Your Stuff

We assign lockers and locks to all of our guests upon check-in, so you don't need to worry about lugging around your valuables every time you head out the door. And if you want to store your luggage before or after check-out, we offer that too!

  • Fast Internet, Really

Our guests receive free WIFI throughout their stay. If you left your computer or iPhone at home, don’t worry! We have an extra one for you to use.

  • A Yummy Breakfast

Save your Euros and eat with us! We provide a delicious breakfast every morning, and all the coffee and tea you need to wake up.

  • Shower at Leisure

Enjoy a hot shower—or a cold one, whichever tickles your fancy. We also have towels available upon request.

  • Kitchen

Want to cook your meals? Great! We have a full kitchen, cookware, refrigerator, and pantry for any guest to use. 

  • Central Sights

Being in the city center, you're close to restaurants, markets, cafes, and every main attraction Pristina has to offer. You're also very close from the train and bus station to visit the rest of Kosovo. Our staff knows the country better than the backs of their hands, so if you want some suggestions, toss out that Lonely Planet book and ask!

  • Lockout? Not a chance

Kosovo’s a beauty by day and a party by night. Want to stay out late? Feel free: There’s no curfew and no lockout here!

  • Wayfarer Community

Our garden and BBQ pit, hammocks, lounge areas, and balconies give you a chance to meet other travelers, share experiences, and, we hope, make a few friends. We also have darts, XL Jena and Cornhole Toss for guests.

  • Libations

We sell beer and homemade raki (trust us, it’s good) to our guests.

  • Pitch a Tent

Traveling can cost a pretty penny, so we keep our bed rates low. But if you want to save even more, pitch a tent in our garden and still enjoy the amenities of the hostel!

  • Park for Free

We have parking available, so if you’re traveling by car, just let us know in advance when you book! We also have space in our garage to store motorcycles and bicycles.